How’d I Get Here?


When people tell me sad tales of their current lives, I rarely think, “Oh, you poor thing.” (I am not proud of this, it just is.) My first thought is usually, “How did you get here?”

Recently, I was asked by a Christian friend about the increase of my Facebook posts emphasizing the sin of abortion. She was concerned that women who have had abortions might be hurt by the words I use in describing it; murder, holocaust, sin, killing.

I started to ask myself how I had gotten here; to the point that someone is seeing a change in my stance. Wasn’t this my stance for all the years I had been a Christian? Sadly, it was not.

When I first got saved, the church we attended talked about abortion annually. The local pregnancy center sent a representative and talked about what they do. As a church, we collected coins in baby bottles to raise money for their ministry, and it was over for another year.

This was before I was introduced to people who talked about “killing babies” using verses that use the words “innocent blood.” (2 Kings 24:4; Proverbs 6:16-17; Jeremiah 7:6-7; Joel 3:19 plus thirteen more times in the scripture). They talked about the gift God says children are, and about how the church (including me) has stood silently by while many chose their own comfort over their child’s life.

This all started about four years ago, as my own sister was dying. She had been taking great comfort in Psalm 139 that reminds us that God formed us while we were in our mother’s womb, that God saw our unformed parts when we were made, “intricately woven in secret.”

It was being clearly put together for me. This is not an issue that I could pretend was not my battle to fight. It was not something that only mattered if it was me who was making the choice. At the time, I thought that many people did not understand. If it was “legal” then somehow it seemed like we must have made some deal with God so it would be alright with Him. NO!

Abortion is murder and it took me way too long to see that truth. I fear that I am also one who has also bought the “You can’t fight city hall,” lie. It might not be easy to change a law that is so convenient for many, but it is part of the “good fight” (1 Timothy 6:12) in which we are to battle.   I am angry when I see things like pornography that feeds the sexual addictions of many men (and women) or hear about video games that have so much sexual imagery in them that they should be called pornography. Then,  I learn that Planned Parenthood wants to have an office in our local public high school, when their only services are birth control and abortions ( which it almost seems they think are synonyms).

It appears to me that these things feed the demand for abortion (and sex trafficking).

So, the way I got here is that God has opened my eyes and ears to what is happening in our time. Innocent blood is being spilled and I was pretending it was not something I needed to stand against.

I was wrong.

If an unplanned pregnancy is causing you to consider abortion, please contact me. I will do whatever I can to help you, without leaving you with the guilt of ending the life of your baby in the place where he/she should be the safest; her Mommy’s womb.

Christian sisters, are you here yet? Is God revealing to you, too, the truth of the amount of innocent blood that is being shed, leaving a terrible stain on our land and our Church?